Healthy Fit & Deadly Mob

4 Nov, 2011

The “Healthy Fit & Deadly Mob” program intended to facilitate health change in high overweight and obese Indigenous clients through the use of a multi-modal approach. This approach focused on maladaptive eating behaviours, low physical activity, motivation and unhealthy lifestyle habits.

A partnership between Kalwun Health Service and Indigenous Health Service facilitated the program, with Kalwun as the lead agent. The program was a community project. Outside support was sourced from Peter Moore of Miami Fitness, Brendan Murray of Mezzanine Coaching Academy and Maxine Daley, a local dietician.

The current program was run for 12 weeks from 23/08/11. Clients engaged in roughly 6 hours of contact per week with the program.

Gym sessions conducted weekly focused on educating the individual and not just losing weight, but to be able to utilise all gym equipment to develop and adjust their own work-out routines while feeling comfortable using a public gym.

To introduce a more fun and interesting way to exercise, physical activities such as aqua aerobics, tennis, self defence classes, boot camp style beach exercises, stand-up paddle boarding and many more sessions were included.

Nutrition classes, Health counselling and healthy cooking demonstrations were and integral part of the program on educating and enabling clients to identify maladaptive eating and behaviour disorders.

It was evident that not only the participant’s weight loss but self esteem, motivation and general levels of fitness had also greatly improved with more focus on their individual health issues.

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