Yugambeh Museum Presents to Parliament

15 Dec, 2011

The Yugambeh Museum presented our National Anthem, ‘Advance Australia Fair’ in the Yugambeh Aboriginal language as a gift for the Queensland Parliament on Thursday 1st December, 2011. It was accepted by the Speaker of the Queensland Parliament, the Hon John Mickel MP.

The proceedings began with Acknowledgement to Country by Aboriginal elder Aunty Pat Leavy & a performance by the Waterford West Primary School dancers. The Waterford West Primary School choir did a performance of ‘Advance Australia Fair’ in Yugambeh language and as I looked around there were a few teary eyes in the crowd, mine included. It was a very special moment and I want to thank Yugambeh Museum staff & community for the effort & hard work they do in helping maintain our Aboriginal culture so that it can be passed onto the next generation of jarjums.

 Photo courtesy of Yugambeh Museum

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